Produces a plot for summary object of a fitted interval search model. Plot 'visited' points against iteration steps. start.N points are initial points selected before interval search starts.

# S3 method for sum.intsearch
plot(x,type="summary",startN=21,... )



an object of class sum.intsearch as returned by the function summary.intsearch.


type of plot to be drawn, type="summary" will plot the partial log likelihood deviance as a function of both tuning parameters α and logλ. The final solution will be highlighted by solid red line. Alternativly, type="points" will draw the distribution of initial and visited points of the interval search plotted in chronological order.


number of initial points. Needed if type="points"


additional argument(s)


Natalia Becker \

See also


Sill M., Hielscher T., Becker N. and Zucknick M. (2014), c060: Extended Inference with Lasso and Elastic-Net Regularized Cox and Generalized Linear Models, Journal of Statistical Software, Volume 62(5), pages 1--22.